Tenancy Agreement Tied Accommodation

In order to avoid possible disputes, employers should ensure that the agreement clearly states that the worker lives in the property as a licensee under a service occupancy contract and not as a tenant under a service lease agreement. Premises under service occupation are considered to be occupied by an employer, which means that the worker has no interest or assets in the premises in relation to service lease contracts and therefore a worker would not have the right to remain in possession after dismissal. A service relationship normally ends when the tenant`s employment relationship ends. The notice period is different from other rental agreements. A gangmaster or employment agency is an individual or business that provides labour for agriculture, horticulture, shellfish collection and food processing and packaging, or that employs staff to provide a service such as harvesting or collecting agricultural products or shellfish. Gangmaster must be licensed by the Gangmasters Licensing Authority (GLA) and comply with the terms of that license. These conditions set standards for each linked dwelling provided by the Gangmaster. An employer may offer housing to a worker only because it is appropriate for a number of reasons. This does not result in any service occupation. Your rights in the linked accommodation depend on your stay to carry out your work. It is important not to accept payment for illegal employment, as it can be interpreted as rent, which creates a rental agreement and the « tenant » is entitled to legal protection. You may encounter a number of problems if you live in a related dwelling, for example.B.: If you make a dwelling available to an employee, the legal agreement is either a service occupation or a lease. The difference is very important for both parties.

Most good arrangements for service occupancy provide for a short period of time during which the resident can pack and leave. This can be done by default (do nothing) or by appointment. The agreement can be formal, documented or informal, with a few words if you want him or her to leave. Service tenants have the same rights as other users and their rental security depends on when their lease began and who their landlord is.