Tax Refund Debt Agreement

If you do not enter into the agreement by making all repayments, you will not be exempt from your debts or interest due. Do you know how long it takes to process a tax return for people who are on Part IX of debt agreements? Let`s say you have unsecured debt totaling $35,000 and you can afford to offer $125 $US a week to your creditors for 260 weeks, which is equivalent to $32,500. If the creditors accept your proposals, they will also appoint us with the management of your agreement on your debt, agreeing that we can withhold part of your repayment for the management of the agreement. The amount we withhold will be deducted from the $32,500 and is not an additional amount or surcharge paid by you. Fox Symes calculates a management fee for managing your debt contract for the duration of your agreement.