Security Agreement Loans

39. REGISTRATION AND AUDIT REQUIREMENTS. The lender shall not be required to keep any electronic records or documents, calendars, invoices or other securities that are notified to the lender under this or any other agreement, except as required by law. The borrower will at all times keep accurate and complete records of the borrower`s accounts and guarantees. At the request of the lender, the borrower must provide the lender with calendars of accounts and general intangible assets as well as other information on the guarantees that the lender must request. The lender or one of its representatives shall have the right to call the borrower`s head office or offices at intervals to be determined by the lender and inspect them without hindrance or delay. Verification, verification and extracts of all copies of books, records, journals, orders, receipts and correspondence relating to the borrower`s accounts and guarantees or other transactions between the parties and the borrower`s general financial situation, and the lender may temporarily withdraw such records in order to have copies made. Where the Borrower has been returned to the Lender by a third party (the « Expelling Party ») for that Loan, the Borrower agrees that the Lender may communicate with the Expelling Party certain appropriate information about the Borrower in order to verify and/or review the loans granted by that Party`s recommendations. 29. LATE. Without limiting the Lender`s rights under Section 30 of this Agreement, the occurrence of one or more of the following events (each of a « Default Event ») without notice or request constitutes delay under this Agreement and any other agreement between the Lender and the Borrower, whether such agreements, instruments or securities exist or occur. (a) The lender is unable to collect a payment on three consecutive maturities and/or the borrower fails to pay obligations on three consecutive maturity dates. (b) the borrower does not pay the principal, interest or any other amount that must be made by the borrower under this contract.

(c) The Borrower fails to comply with, or does not comply immediately, punctually and faithfully with any terms, conditions or promises arising from this Agreement or other documents evidending the obligations. (d) Any guarantee, guarantee or representation made by the borrower in this Agreement or in other documents proving the commitments is false, false, false, false or misleading, in any way, when made. (e) The lender concludes that a guarantee or guarantee that the borrower has given to the lender in documents, instruments, agreements or securities was not accurate or accurate when it was given. (f) The borrower does not comply with all applicable laws necessary for the continuation of its business. (g) There is a change in the borrower`s control, directly or indirectly, without the prior written consent of the lender, consent may be withheld at the lender`s sole and absolute discretion. (h) the occurrence of an event that could accelerate the borrower`s indebtedness to a lender other than the lender, despite the fact that such an acceleration has not occurred. (i) a seizure, enforcement or similar procedure is applied or applied to the borrower or to part of the borrower`s property or assets that are not discharged within five days (unless such a procedure is challenged in good faith by appropriate procedures and for which a reserve satisfactory to the creditor is made available and that procedure does not significantly affect its business; Transactions, prospects, immovable property or property, or statement, financial or otherwise, or its ability to fulfil its obligations under this Agreement and any other document proving the obligations. .

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