Disney Fox Separation Agreement

The negative corresponds to the special edition, as there can only be one original negative. Technically, the negative editing of the originals does not exist. But it would be very easy to reinsert the original parts and adapt them to the original versions. In fact, during a theoretical modern restoration, they would only analyze the original parts and carry out digital processing, especially since disassembling the negative leads to a lot of wear. There are also secondary sources like Trennmaster and Interpositive, both of which were used to make double parts to repair parts of the original negative for the 1997 release. In fact, Lucasfilm`s official attitude is a lot of to confuse people who don`t have a deep knowledge of how post-production works. But the rebranding involves more than wounded nostalgia and Disney openly claims its claims to its new acquisitions. This is related to an active separation from what the Fox name represents. The Disney/Fox merger, as readers may recall, did not contain Fox News, which has remained its own unit and will directly benefit from the huge sum Disney paid. Fox News is the most watched cable messaging network in the country and since 1996 has featured a brand marked with right-wing puns. It is very useful for business.

After all, Disney has long strived to put its own personal brand on everything they own. During the 90s, the entertainment giant kept separate brands for bolder and weirder projects (who remembers Touchstone Pictures, Hollywood Pictures, and the days when Disney owned Miramax?). Eventually, they consolidated under one roof, sometimes even changing the studio day at the head of their films to put everything under the name « Disney » (this is what happened with The Nightmare Before Christmas, released as a Touchstone movie). With the removal of the name « Fox », Disney is actively terraming the landscape and inviting the audience to think from the beginning about everything they have done. To remedy this for a new version, it would be necessary to return to a kind of analog source, as for example. B an interpositive or the original negative. Lucasfilm claims that the negatives have been « permanently changed, » even for special editions, so it`s a bust – or is it that? Authentic and « pure » versions of the original Star Wars movies are hard to come by. With the exception of a DVD release in 2006 (which we`ll talk about just now), the films have only been available since 1997 in their modified « Special Edition » form, when George Lucas replayed the films with a series of changes. Some of these changes aren`t bad at all – the unusual new attack on the Black Star in Episode IV is perfectly cromulent – but others are absolutely horrific. In Return of the Jedi, Jabbas` palace receives a song and dance interlude filled with ASINI.

Dialogue is slaughtered in Empire Strikes Back. And in the first, perhaps best-known, movie, Han no longer shoots first. .