The Agreement To Purchase Stock In A Future Corporation Is A Pre-Incorporation Subscription

3. the work done for or for the services actually provided to the company; P. 70. Recourse to recovery of unpaid subscriptions. – Nothing in this code prevents the company from recovering, by way of appeal to a competent court, the amount owed for an unpaid subscription with interest, expenses and expenses accrued. (49 bis) Paragraph 67. Payment of the subscription balance. – subject to the provisions of the reference contract, the board of directors of a limited company may, at any time, declare unpaid subscription contracts due and payable for the share capital and withdraw this or that percentage, if any with accrued interest, if deemed necessary. While some view the differences between an up-to-date share subscription and a pre-founded subscription as a small part of corporate law, others serve as a practical and theoretical value.

But it is in fact a vague distinction, the only difference of interpretation of which is that of interpretation. New businesses are often created by the efforts of developers. These promoters may also have obtained a capitalization of the company through subscriptions. For companies that work with a DBA, the trade name must also be mentioned. This helps establish the company`s intention to use the name in business proceedings. This is a prerequisite for registering trademarks that are not used. In the event that there is no public auction of a bidder offering to pay the full amount of the subscription, as well as accrued interest, advertising costs and the sale costs of the smallest number of shares or a fraction of a share, the company may offer the same, subject to the provisions of this code. , and the total amount of the due is credited in full in the Company`s books. Ownership of all shares covered by the underwriting is transferred to the company as own shares and may be transferred by that company in accordance with the provisions of this code. 62. Taking inventory into account.

– stocks must not be spent against a consideration below the nominal price or issue. The issuance of shares may take into account one or more combinations of two or more of the following conditions: payment of a subscription or an unpaid percentage, as well as interest that may be accrued, is made on the date indicated in the subscription contract or on the date indicated in the House invitation. Non-payment on that date makes the remaining amount payable and payable and makes the shareholder liable for the interest at the legal interest rate on that balance, unless another interest rate is provided in the statutes that are calculated from that date until the full payment.