Subject To The Terms And Conditions Set Forth In This Agreement

The customer provides at its own expense the appropriate facilities and resources for the installation, maintenance and operation of the services, including all customer equipment necessary to enable the customer to use the services, all services, including, but not limited, to local loops or cross-links that are not included in the service provided by PCCW Global (as stated in the specific conditions or order form), obtaining and maintaining the necessary licenses or authorizations, and ensuring that services, whether by the customer or end-user, are used in accordance with the terms of this agreement. In addition, the customer is responsible, at his own expense, for connecting to PCCW Global at the point of service demarcation. 13.2 If, under this contract, suspicious or counterfeit parts are delivered and are present in one of the goods delivered under that contract, these items are seized by the purchaser. The seller immediately replaces these suspected/counterfeited parts with parts acceptable to the buyer. The seller is responsible for all costs associated with the removal and replacement of these parts, including, but not limited to the external and internal costs of the buyer for the disposal of these suspected/falsified parts, the restoration of spare parts and all tests or validations necessary to reinstall the seller`s goods after the replacement of suspicious/falsified parts. The buyer`s remedies described above are not limited by another clause agreed between the buyer and seller in this contract and are in addition to the remedies that the purchaser may have under the law, equity or other means provided for by this contract. At the buyer`s request, the seller must return to the buyer all suspicious or false suspicious parts, so that the buyer can hand them over to his client for further examination. 11.1 The execution of the order may involve the use or access of multiple products and technologies, including in the United States. The seller must comply with all applicable export laws, rules and rules, including, but not limited to, those of the United Kingdom, the European Union and the United States (the following are referred to as « export laws and rules »). From time to time, the United Nations, the European Union (and its individual member states) and the United States may impose trade sanctions or trade embargoes with a given nation.

The scope of the export laws and regulations covered by this clause includes these sanctions and embargoes. The seller must comply with all export laws and regulations as well as all licenses issued there. The seller is responsible for obtaining at his own expense (unless otherwise stated in the order or special conditions) all the export authorizations necessary to make the goods and/or services available to the Buyer. The seller must not transmit controlled export information (for example. B, technical data, technologies or software) in accordance with the order to another person or organization (including dual staff and/or the third country of the seller) without first meeting all applicable export law and regulations.