Warehousing And Logistics Agreement Template

This agreement binds the parties, their successors and their legal representatives and applies. Neither party cedes this agreement or any interest or right without the written prior consent of the other party, except that (i) the shipper has the right to transfer the agreement to a related party and (ii) the carrier has the right to outsource transportation services, as stipulated in this agreement. 1. Definitions. For the purposes of this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings. Such meanings also apply to the singular and plural forms of defined terms, although this is not the case below. 2.2 The carrier has the right to reallocate the required transportation services to other air carriers, provided that these carriers are reasonably acceptable to the shipper and qualified to perform the necessary transportation services. All subcontractors designated by the carrier are subject to the conditions set out in the carrier. Under no circumstances can the carrier be under contract with any of its transport logistics services, including its transport service provider services. 6.7 In the event of non-compliance with this Agreement, which is not expressly stipulated in Sections 6.3 to 6.6, the non-offender party has the right to terminate the contract after thirty (30) days after prior written notification by recommended letter, confirmation of return to the aggrieved party, unless that violation is cured within 30 (30) days of notification. Throughout the duration of this Agreement, the carrier procures, maintains and confirms: That each carrier purchase and maintain shipments of products from the primary location, at consumer charges and expenses: 4.1 Shippers or their duly authorized agents offer the carrier a portion of the shipment from the main location for the duration of the agreement (number) of the shipments of goods, and if circumstances require it because of the individual needs of the sender and at its discretion, part of the shipment from the secondary site.

Regardless of the above, the carrier is aware that no shipments can be booked from secondary sites. The shipper provides other information that the carrier reasonably needs to enable the carrier to provide services and fulfill its obligations in connection with this activity. This agreement is the comprehensive and comprehensive agreement between the parties. If provisions are declared invalid by a competent court, the rest will remain fully in force. This agreement replaces all previous written or oral agreements and/or agreements between the parties. 6.6 The shipper has the right to terminate this contract immediately if the carrier does not maintain the licences under Section 2 of this Agreement or if it provides transportation services to a carrier that has not been licensed. It is agreed by the parties and ensures that those who sign this document on behalf of the parties concerned are empowered to implement this agreement. Further proof of authorization is not required or required. 3.1 The airline is compensated as a letter of exposure (letter of issue on list) on the basis of the provisions, fares and charges contained in the schedules attached to it and recorded in this schedule (including subsequent amendments to this agreement, which were approved in the manner provided for by the amendments to this Agreement, all in accordance with Section 2.2).