Venture Capital Investment Agreement Template

Each year, the venture capital industry completes thousands of funding cycles that attract a lot of time and effort from investors, management teams and lawyers. Conservatively, the sector spends about $200 million a year on direct legal fees to complete private funding cycles. In a situation that is too typical, lawyers begin with documents from recent funding, iterative to adapt the documents to their common point of view to appropriate language (which reflects the specifics of the agreement and the general best practices of the industry), and all parties examine many revisions dressed in black, in the hope of avoiding important questions, as the documents slowly arrive at their final form. SECA`s VC model documents make venture capital assets more efficient in Switzerland and have become the norm for ventures in Switzerland. The Legal Tax Chapter encourages everyone to inform SECA (or Beat Kohni, which coordinates in the chapter « Law – Taxation « ) of defects in order to constantly improve documentation. While the provisions of VIMA generally appear to be fairly neutral and are intended to provide a balanced starting point for entrepreneurs and investors, users of VIMA models can obtain legal and tax advice prior to the use of these documents. It should be noted that VIMA documents are not exhaustive – additional documents are required, and the corresponding VIMA documents require adaptation to the specific legal and commercial requirements of the proposed transaction. Thinking of raising money? We`ve created a free online course to help you invest. Watch The Investment Introduction and learn useful tips, tactics and strategies to prepare for your fundraising. In other words, the risk industry undergoes an expensive and inefficient process of « reinventing the disc tire » every day. The provision of a range of industry-wide standard documents, which can be used in venture capital financing, unlocks the time and cost of funding and, as a result, frees up the client`s time to review hundreds of pages of unknown documents, so that the parties can focus on high-level issues focused on the compromises of the agreement.