Skills Training Agreement

RECORD OF SKILL ATTAINMENT SKILL SKILL I.D. (z.B. UXXXX) SPONSOR NAMESPONSOR SIGNATUREDATE: (mm/dd/yy) SPONSOR RECORD #2 SPONSOR INFORMATIONApprentice Name Registered Training Agreement – Sponsor Name Address Email Address SUMMARY OF TRAININGEmployment Employment Date Total training and course between dates. SSC Training Convention – this agreement defines the foundations of modern learning, refers to the employment contract and includes health and safety responsibilities. Drakes must ensure that the trainee is able to participate in the training contract or training program under the training contract, and that the trainee receives the appropriate training in the workplace. Drakes will provide supervision during the internship period in accordance with the training contract. To pass the WIL ranking, I must respect the terms of the training contract, including, but not limited to the success of the WIL ranking, the appropriate participation and performance during the wil placement. In case I don`t label the WIL ranking, I can charge extra for a WIL.14 replacement.