Local 250 Wage Agreement

(153) If part of this agreement is cancelled, the parties agree to engage in negotiations without delay, which must be concluded within sixty (60) days after written notification of the request for negotiation, with a view to obtaining a satisfactory replacement of the invalid part of this agreement. If the parties have not reached an agreement within this period of sixty (60) days, each party has the right to initiate arbitration proceedings in accordance with Article XII (arbitration tribunal) in order to resolve the surrogate language. (164) Any changes to the wage rate and pension contributions, the health and welfare plan, the pension and welfare plan, the pension plan and/or the fee deduction plan amends this agreement and comes into effect on the date requested by the Union, provided that the employer receives a written written notification of this change before the wage increase comes into effect. (217) As part of the negotiations on the 1987 collective agreement, the parties intended the employer to comply with the provisions of Article IX – removal procedure for unscheduled overtime, provided that the employer had the right to work a worker in a lower priority group if none of the workers in a group was considered a higher priority for the performance of the unscheduled overtime in question. (31) If a position is to be worked in two (2) twelve (12) hours twenty-four (24) hours, the first position starts at the normal departure time and receives overtime after eight (8) hours of work. The second layer is based on the same base as the first layer with 15% (15%) It`s paid for. Beyond the basic hourly wage. (312) If the contractor sets up tool premises or warehouses located outside the owner`s facility, they are inhabited in accordance with the provisions of the employment contract. (111) If the appeals commission does not rule by a majority on the appeal, the appeal may be the subject of arbitration. The conciliation request is forwarded to the representative of the Union and the representative of the Union of the Appeals Committee and to the employer participating in the complaint within seven (7) working days of the decision of the Appeals Commission. Upon receipt of the arbitration application, the parties try to agree to a mutually acceptable neutral arbitrator. If, within seven (7) days after the arbitration application is received, no out-of-court settlement is reached, each party may request that the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service present the parties with a group of five (5) arbitrators. The parties then alternately draw names from the list of arbitrators until a name is retained and that person is the neutral arbitrator.

(251) Both parties agree to make maximum use of the sub-partners within the scope of the crafting competence, provided that such a classification is included in the local agreement of this craft and in accordance with the provisions of these agreements.