Golf Club Membership Agreement

Student affiliation is synonymous with membership for a person who is a full-time student and has a valid NEI card for the duration of his or her contract. ASSIGNMENT: Clubhouse may sell this agreement and, provided the assignee agrees to take over Clubhouse`s obligations in this agreement, Clubhouse, after notification of the assignment, will be fully relieved of these obligations. You understand that you cannot assign your membership to another person. MEMBERSHIP TERMS: If you decide to join monthly, you agree to charge as a condition for continuing your clubhouse membership or agent the monthly membership fee (plus taxes due) of your payment card, which is effective from time to time and can change on the first day of each month until your monthly membership is terminated, as shown in paragraph 19 below. You agree to pay the monthly membership fee (plus taxes) in accordance with your payment card issuer agreement, if applicable. You also allow Clubhouse to charge your payment card for any other fees you collect in connection with your monthly subscription. GUEST RATES: As of December 1, 2019, all members who wish to play golf on our simulators can receive a guest prize of $25 per person/visit, at the discretion of management. Members are charged only up to a maximum of three people (maximum $75) per visit. DRESS CODE/PERSONAL CONDUCT: Appropriate clothing and footwear are required at all times in the device. Barefoot is not acceptable anywhere in the Clubhouse. Inappropriate, bad and/or indecent language or behaviour is not acceptable and results in your membership being suspended. 3.4 Acceptance of an application for membership is exclusively left to the discretion of the association`s management and does not support the rejection. This agreement defines the terms of your membership as a member (« member ») of Clubhouse SG (« Clubhouse »).

If you have any questions, please contact each of our staff for help. Label and Code of Conduct: The standards of conduct necessary for safe and acceptable use of our facility and golf course IMAGE-IDENTIFICATION/SIGN IN: You agree that your image will be taken for internal use of Clubhouse when requested by Clubhouse. Members and guests must check in at the main bar when entering the clubhouse. Members must present their membership cards to their staff and may be required to deposit their membership cards in the register and/or deposit their cards in the card reader. Members cannot borrow their membership cards from anyone. We may require members and guests to present additional photo identification before entering the Clubhouse. Members must be reputable (i.e. paid to date) to be able to use The Clubhouse as a member. 10.2 We may terminate your membership immediately if you harass, threaten or abuse our employees or other members of our clubs, damage our property in bad faith or commit an illegal act during our facilities. 8.1 You acknowledge that we may need to close all or part of our club from time to time to carry out renovations or repairs, and that this may disrupt our provision of services.

Subject to paragraph 8.2, you accept that such a disturbance does not constitute a substantial offence. We will always be careful to minimize any inconvenience caused. 7.4 We will automatically withdraw the permanent contract each month until your contract is terminated in accordance with paragraphs 6.2.2, 7.5 or by other means in accordance with your contract.