Collective Agreement Cote Saint Luc

The City`s objective was to preserve or improve services while keeping the tax rate as low as possible. This has become increasingly difficult with reductions in government transfers and wage increases for our unionized workers mandated by collective agreements. Crossing Guard at CSL Rd – Westminster in the morning Erdelyi graduated from Queen`s University with a B.Ed. and McGill University with a B.Sc in biochemistry. He has a postgraduate degree in higher education from McGill University and is working on an additional degree in the same field. He is fluent in English, French and Hebrew, and partly fluent in Japanese. In 2007, he and his wife Randi Berman welcomed the birth of their son Matthew Harry Erdelyi and, in 2009, the birth of their daughter Bailey Leah Erdelyi. Make regular statements about the presence of swimming pools, water quality, maintenance of filters and products used for these purposes. Teacher and local activist Steven Erdelyi was re-elected in October 2013 by acclamation as a municipal councillor for the Cote Saint-Luc 4 district. In the last municipal elections, on 1 November 2009, he was re-elected with 94% of the vote. Steven Erdelyi was the stage to continue working to improve District 4 and the St.

Luke`s Coast as a whole. The job is to monitor swimmers and ensure they follow the rules of swimming pools in order to prevent accidents and maintain discipline; Assistance to swimmers in difficulty and first aid in the event of an accident. Have a valid National Lifeguard, CPR/AED certificate provided by the Lifesaving Company. Lobbied Canada Post to remove graffiti from mailboxes Regular drive-throughs of district to flag maintenance and improve snow removal Watermain protection program (sacrificial anodes) on the following streets: Erdelyi served a two-year term on the board of La Symbiose, a non-profit group aiming to help new immigrants to the area adapted to life in Canada. He was a member of the board of directors of the Montreal Herediary Diseases Fund, which aims to raise awareness of common genetic diseases and promote screening. He was a member of the board of directors of the Quebec-Israel Committee and later served on the board of directors of the organization`s successor, the Centre for Israeli and Jewish Affairs – Quebec. The City of Saint-Luc has prioritized investment projects such as roadworks and pipelines, where we are resurfating money from the governments of Canada or Quebec. Not only are we saving money on this project, but we are saving money in the long run by avoiding water outages. Water outages have been reduced by 58% in the last five years compared to the previous 5 years. Take part in the seasonal and regular cleaning of the premises.

The City of St. Luke has launched new special events such as the annual Mega Garage Sale and renewed our Canada Day and Winter Carnival events as a city. The library was renovated to improve services to residents and customers had more digital opportunities. The annual fee for members has been waived. Anti-smoking legislation initiated on the prohibition of smoking in playgrounds and playgrounds . Waste that is landfilled has decreased by 33%, and the volume of diverted waste, which has been diverted three times, has been forced in recent years to cut down hundreds of diseased trees, mainly because of emerald-ash. We are trying to replace the trees as soon as possible. As part of Canada`s 150 celebrations, we invite residents to plant a tree in Trudeau Park in honour of a loved one for $150. For more information, see I encourage all residents to use urban services and facilities and look forward to seeing all of you at the special events that will take place later this year. You can send your VITAE CURRICULUM for any work posted here: water protection breaks reduced by 58% over the last 5 years compared to the previous 5 years.